Oh what a dreary existence we all live in“, you think to yourself as you pour your fifth cup of coffee. Yes, sometimes life can seem dreary — especially when all those people on television seem to be having such a good time. We all know that putting on a record or listening to the radio can dissipate those dreary emotions all so well. Let’s do that now. Together.

Smile. Happy. Fun. Kitty. Pillow. Cloud. Love. Eraser? Take these words in and contemplate on them. The Bran Flakes can help you remember them through the power of song. A lot of horse-crockery? Heavens NO! The Bran Flakes are ready to turn that frown upside down, put a beat in your step, and a twinkle in your eye.

All of our songs are love songs. Tender, bitter, joyous, sad — all love songs — and like all of the love songs ever written they seem no different then what one might hear while kissing that special loved one on that special night long long ago. You will be enchanted as you hear the strands of fiber caressing your electronics and pouring out layers of love. Let the music take you away to a gentle rain forest where nothing bites. Express your feelings. Let the music dry those tears away. It’s okay for all of us to cry now and then. There’s an emotion tucked away in every song for you. The Bran Flakes will be that big shoulder you need to let it all out.

We are very happy that you took the time to read this far. Some people never make it past the first paragraph. Let’s laugh at those people now. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. We hope our music brings you smiles and dreams of happy things!



The Live Experience
Bob Awe-kward
Susan DeLint
Hellie Gee
The Family Jules
Jo Freedom
International House of Pamcake

The Music Machine
Otis Fodder
Mildred Pitt

Clam Bam
Cecil Cudpucker
The Dancing Chicken

The Bran Flakes

The Bran Flakes